Bio: I'm an Australian artist. I live in Adelaide in South Australia. I am interested in tactile works, textiles, natural fibres, natural dyes and living history. I spin a great deal of my yarn on a simple drop spindle.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I very much enjoyed your blog, Argent Arachnid. I am working on history book-blog of my own, which can be seen at [one word] theoryofirony.com, then clicking on either the “sample chapter” or “blog” buttons at the top. My Rube Goldberg contraption of a brain processes the world with an odd, well-caffeinated kind of logic: Why is there an inverse proportion between the size of the print and the importance of the message? History. Literature. Art. Science. Religion. I call this eccentric thinking the Theory of Irony and if your busy schedule permits, give a read, leave a comment or create a link. In any event, best of luck with your own endeavor.

    P.S. Sorry if this seems like spam, but it was indeed written by a real live history junkie. If the unsolicited nature causes offense, please delete with my apology.


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