And…I’m back


Hi guys,  Long time no post eh?

It’s not for lack of things to post but more lack of time to sit down and document what I have been up to.  Right now I have a few spare minutes in the coffee shop to jot down a few lines.

Have been up to my ears in commissions for viking period legwraps (natural coloured and in woad and madder) and working with another artist on an environmental piece of tapestry\weaving – I would classify it as a bit of craftivisism.

To be totally honest I find I dont really like commissions.  I will do them sure, they pay the bills etc but I find them quite stressy.  My plan to handle this is to get ahead with items that people might be interested in owning and getting them into the shop.  Got a good deal of madder wools to make some items from.

I am also totally for natural fibres – as you have probably gathered but was fortunate to work with another excellent artist who paid for my time weaving (of all things) roadside trash and waste plastic into an experimental peice of art.  We made a tapestry\weaving of clouds (the picture shows the final work in situ at a recent weaving symposium) by spinning the warp and the weft out of plastic found plowin around in the Adelaide Hills and other waste.  Its amazing how aesthetic the piece turned out.  It had the second purpose of collecting mist\clouds and was therefore called a cloud catcher.  I am consideing getting and electric spinning machine just for future experiments with waste plastic while continuing on my journey of discovery with nature fibres and ancient fibres.


Tapestry Beginnings

Yesterday I got my first ever tapestry started on a four shaft, table loom.

I’ve decided to use natural linen for the warp and wool bits and pieces I have around the house for the weft. Since it is my first one I am not expecting to set the world on fire and I am not going crazy with spending hours on predetermining colours, designs etc but if what I chose to weave works out it should look good.

It appears to be working so far, although I reckon I have chosen a pretty fine weave. I certainly don’t have all the professional tools and bobbins yet but I am making do and apart from glancing at books, a few you tube videos and a basic weaving background, my knowledge is pretty basic. I still quite don’t know how one attaches a cartoon when weaving in this manner but I am coping. Please be gentle with me oh more experienced tapestry artists of the world.