Tapestry Weaving.

2015/01/img_4514.jpg This is my first test tapestry I started last weekend with no cartoon, just making up the picture as I went with scraps of yarn. It turned into a nice beach, hills and sunset sky scene. I’m working on a more abstract piece above it using the remaining warp and throwing together a different sort of piece as I find out what you can and can’t do.

Earlier last year I decided I needed to learn how to weave tapestries so I had a use for my left over hand dyed and spun wools when I have woven something else. I set up one of my weaving looms and started ambitiously reading from books and trying to apply what I had read on my loom.

I did get a picture started, but shortly into it I realised I had laid the cartoon the wrong way and I was doing a super fine weave and well eventually I ran away from it and wasn’t enjoying it at all. (Yesterday I hacked the awful thing off the loom and tucked it away in a shelf.)

This year, 2015, I decided to go back to classes with my weaving teacher the wonderful Bev Bills and learn some basics about tapestries. Have only done one class with Bev so far and I have learnt more in that class than all my messing around at home.

I think I quite love being able to paint with yarns. Consequently a friend of mine who knows I weave and that I am getting into tapestry gave me a huge box of bobbins of all sorts of natural fibres. I spent an afternoon getting them all sorted into their respective colour groups.


So exciting. I can’t wait to start designing cartoons and colours for a more organised tapestry.